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Braces technology has come a long way recently, but every so often there are still problems. Some of these difficulties can include:

-Broken brackets
-Damaged wires
-Loose bands
-Loose brackets
-Wires sticking out

If any of these problems occur, call our team and discuss the proper course of action. Sometimes you will need to come in right away for repairs; other times you can repair it yourself or wait until your next appointment. If you are not experiencing discomfort and the problem does not interfere with your treatment plan, your orthodontist may hold off on repairs until your next scheduled appointment. However, calling soon after the damage has been done is vital to proper care, as some damage can be problematic to your treatment.

If the physical complication arose due to injury, seek help right away. Dr. Phil Santucci will let you know what immediate action needs to be taken, or if the problem can wait.

Sometimes our team will adjust, re-attach, or reposition the wires or brackets; sometimes we will replace them. Whatever the required treatment, it will take time. Call our office before your appointment and explain the situation, to ensure that we schedule enough time for the repairs.

If you have damaged your braces and you are in the Phoenix, Arizona area, call Santucci Orthodontics to talk with Dr. Phil Santucci about your treatment options, then schedule an appointment with our team.