Soft Food For Braces: Corn-Meal Mush Recipe

Most mushy cereals are great for braces wearers. Here is an old favorite of grandma’s. It’s a simple, tasty, and easy-to-make corn-meal mush. Quick-cooking cereals may be cooked over direct heat. If you buy an instant corn-meal cereal, you can follow the directions located on the package for the amount... Read more »

Got Invisalign®? Here Are Some Oral Hygiene Guidelines

If you are currently aligning your smile with Invisalign®, then you need to do certain things to keep your teeth, gums and appliance in the best shape possible. One of those things is keep up on oral hygiene. Oral hygiene is vital if you want a successful orthodontic treatment. So,... Read more »

Foods to Avoid with Braces

Getting braces is quite the process. You’re undergoing a lot of change, you look different, and you know that when it’s all over, you’ll have an amazing smile. But with that smile comes a bit of sacrifice - including food. Dr. Phil Santucci and the staff at Santucci Orthodontics in... Read more »

Oral Health Marvels: The Benefits of Straighter Teeth

Are you familiar with the implications of having crooked teeth? If your teeth are out of alignment or are not lining up correctly, it can lead to several health risks. Beyond improving your smile for health reasons, straightening your teeth can also provide a more visually appealing dental profile. Listed... Read more »

Braces Aren’t the End of Your Teeth Cleaning

If you are concerned about cleaning your teeth after receiving braces, our team is happy to provide instructions on which steps to take. Braces on your teeth mean you will need to adjust your tooth brushing habits to prevent braces from blocking areas your smile, and this may mean changing... Read more »

Simple Tips to Prevent Damaged Braces

Our Orthodontist, Dr. Phil Santucci frequently uses traditional braces to correct problems with the alignment of your teeth. This treatment requires you to have your braces adjusted on a regular basis. The progressive tension applied to the hardware will gradually move your teeth into their ideal positions. You will also... Read more »

Brushing Quiz: Test Your Knowledge!

How much do you know about brushing? Well, it’s time to find out! Brushing is an essential task that needs to be included in your oral hygiene routine regularly. This is because it can help you, your teeth and your gums in a myriad of ways. Our orthodontist, Dr. Phil... Read more »

Orthodontic Braces Can Correct a Pronounced Malocclusion

Changes in the structure of your child’s mouth can develop gradually as he or she grows. As permanent teeth emerge, they may be misaligned or create a pronounced under or overbite. Also known as a malocclusion, these deviations can lead to significant dental problems. Misaligned teeth are often at increased... Read more »

Why Are Dental Cleanings Important When You Have Braces?

If you were surprised when your orthodontist, Dr. Phil Santucci, told you to keep up with your dental checkups when you have braces, then our orthodontic team is happy to tell you why this is strongly recommended. Even though you visit with us regularly for adjustment appointments, we don’t have... Read more »

Top Four Reasons To Get Braces

Did you know that orthodontics can help people of all ages? We believe that everyone can have the straight, beautiful smile they desire. If you, your teen, or your child are in need of orthodontic treatment, Santucci Orthodontics has a lot of options available that could help. A painless exam... Read more »