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Are you familiar with the implications of having crooked teeth? If your teeth are out of alignment or are not lining up correctly, it can lead to several health risks. Beyond improving your smile for health reasons, straightening your teeth can also provide a more visually appealing dental profile. Listed below are the common benefits that can often be derived from the use of orthodontic treatments to straighten teeth:

– Straighter teeth have been proven to help boost your self-esteem.
– Straighter teeth are easier to clean than crooked teeth because plaque and bacteria have fewer places to hide.
– In order for your mouth to function properly, teeth must be aligned correctly, so they do not continually rub against each other and potentially lead to chip and cracks.
– If you have any jaw misalignments, they may be corrected with straighter teeth.
– If you wish to chew and eat food properly as well as speak correctly, it may require an orthodontic treatment to straighten your teeth.

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