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Changes in the structure of your child’s mouth can develop gradually as he or she grows. As permanent teeth emerge, they may be misaligned or create a pronounced under or overbite.

Also known as a malocclusion, these deviations can lead to significant dental problems. Misaligned teeth are often at increased risk of suffering dental fractures, chipped tooth enamel and a loss of tooth tissue.

In many of these cases and orthodontist like Dr. Phil Santucci can use traditional braces to gradually correct the alignment of your child’s teeth. This treatment plan involves placing small metal brackets, wires, and other orthodontic hardware.If your son or daughter is uncomfortable with the overt appearance of traditional braces the orthodontist might be able to apply a special porcelain glaze during the installation process.  Your child will periodically need to return to Santucci Orthodontics to have their braces tightened and adjusted. Each of these regularly scheduled sessions will gradually move their teeth closer to their correct alignment.

After your child’s alignment has been fully corrected, the braces will be removed. However, your child will need to wear a retainer to ensure that their teeth remain in their new positions. Since every mouth is different, there is no set amount of time for wearing braces or a retainer

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